Quality Policy

SAAM Textile has developed a web based integrated production plan to ensure quality standards are strongly adhered. The application and standarization to ISO 9001:2015 parameters has further strengthened the production cycle and high level of quality parameters are acheived on a consistent basis. The production plan further undergoes quality trials and sampling across a variety of yarns and colors. We have developed an entire collection of fabrics in different qualities.

We specialise in production and supply of finished fabrics with a variety of speciality finishes including Teflon,Teflon HPR, Teflon (Non-Iron), Advance Teflon, Ultra Release, 3XDRY, Anti-bacterial, Moisture Management and exporter of Organic cotton based fabric in India.

To maintain its prime position in the competitive market, high quality standards are always maintained. Constant checks are carried out in random order and various production processes are screened for quality implications.

We have come up with innovations in chemical finishing and with stringent usage policy. This is for effective catering to usage of better chemicals for sustainable enviornment.

Evolving from this philosophy, SAAM today stands for quality products and quick innovation. This has led to SAAM emerging as one of India's major exporter of Synthetic Rayon and Woollen suiting fabrics.