About Us

Clothing is one of the strongest human desires. A desire to be different. A desire to look beautiful. A desire to be comfortable. A desire to make a statement. A desire that is fulfilled by that perfect piece of fabric made by SAAM. Woven with passion, our fabrics speak a story of novelty.

SAAM Textiles has started its operations from 24th September 2001. Over the years, with the belief that there are no shortcuts to excellence. At SAAM we have moved from strength to strength. The company caters to large retail chains and corporate clients in United Kingdom (UK), South Africa, Australia & USA. Today, as a company we have put the firm on the international map of premium Suiting, Shirting and Uniform Fabrics.

SAAM products are manufactured under ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and the lab is accredited with Marks and Spencer's standard accreditation scheme and is under NABL accreditation process.

The company is certified as SA 8000:2008 for achieving excellence in accountability towards the "SOCIAL FIBRE".

About SAAM Textiles Logo

We wanted to have a logo that showed what we do as a company and portrays the values we believe in. The logo consists of a weave pattern signifying that we are in the textiles industry. The intertwining threads of the weave show team work and unity. We chose the colour blue for the logo as that is the colour of the fabric that we make the most. The logo comprises of an S and 2 A's that together form an M thus encompassing the alphabets of the name of the company, S standing for Shaurya, A for Armaan, A for Archana and M for Mukesh.

The Founder


Mr. Mukesh Bhargava - Founder and Chairman
The first generation entrepreneur, Mr. Mukesh Bhargava is a Management Post-graduate and has worked previously with India's largest textile organizations. During his various assignments he has been posted globally in textile centre's like Prato (Italy) & Manchester (U.K). While he was associated with the Indian Textile Corporates he travelled abroad extensively and studied the International Textile Market very deeply and also understood the work-culture and business environment prevalent in various parts of the world.

With his vast experience of the International Textile Trade and taking this forward into his functioning as the Founder and Chairman of SAAM Textiles he has stimulated the growth of the organization and this has reflected in the paced & continuous growth of SAAM Textiles.

He has been honored as one of India's Top 100 promising SME business leaders by the Ministry of Small & Medium Enterprises(MSME), Government of India.


Mr. Armaan Bhargava  - Director (Business Development)
Armaan Bhargava comes from a technical background having done his Bachelor's in Computers Science from NMIMS and Masters from Game Design and Development from Rochester, New York. He has interned with Oracle in Mumbai and worked with a gaming studio Kixeye is San Francisco.

He has joined the business to help it grow and use his technical knowledge to upgrade already existing systems and add new ones. Being the son of Mukesh Bhargava in his words business runs in his blood.


Mr. Shaurya Bhargava  - Director
Taking up responsibilities at a young age, Shaurya Mukesh Bhargava comes with fresh energy and is known to bring innovative ideas to the table.
Born and brought up in the Island City of Mumbai, Shaurya did his schooling from Bombay Scottish & Junior College from Mithibai. He then went on to attain his BMS degree from R.A. Podar College of Commerce & Economics and soon went on to pursue his MBA from Welingkar Institute of Management. Both of which helped him grow immensely at personal and professional levels. A very well rounded personality, Shaurya has keen interest in sports and is also quite adventurous. His love for cinema got him to do a film making course from New York Film Academy .
Blessed with inherent leadership skills along with unconditional passion and commitment towards professional duties, he will surely ensure that he makes a mark in everything he does.

Meet the Team

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Najender S Rathore

President - Sales & Marketing


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Girish Trivedi

President - Finance & Commercial


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Pushpendra S Panwar

Asst President - Production


exporter of Lycra suiting in India

T. Narayanan

Project Head